Welcome to North Haven World Champion Taekwondo. Our Taekwondo studio is located in North Haven, CT. Through Taekwondo training we strive to develop the full potential in our students, enabling them to embrace the challenges of life successfully, while setting the highest standard of excellence. World Champion Taekwondo provides unparalleled Taekwondo martial arts training with our top Korean World Champion Master, Master Lee, who has been chosen and trained by Grand Master Park. Master Lee's Taekwondo training has a strong focus on respect, discipline, self-control, and confidence. WCT North Haven students will learn more than basic techniques of self defense, they will learn the five benefits of Taekwondo which are the cornerstones of the philosophy that embody the art: Courtesy, Respect, Integrity, Self-Control, and Perseverance... read more.


  • We are located in North Haven, CT. We teach the Korean martial art and Olympic sport Taekwondo and self-defense.
  • Our head master, Master Lee, is a World Champion. Meet Master Lee
  • Training in Taekwondo is an opportunity to teach important values which will not only help our students achieve higher ranks in Taekwondo, but will also help them their entire life. 


  • Training with a World Champion Master.
  • A positive and encouraging
  • Gain leadership and confidence.
  • Learn Self-Defense.
  • Exercise - Practice form, kicks, and breaks to build aerobic capacity, develop speed, strength, balance, and flexibility.
  • Self-Discipline and Goal Setting.




Belt Promotion testing will be on Wednesday, April 3, Thursday, April 4 and Friday, April 5. Please check the TESTING and PROMOTION TESTS link for more details. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE NO CLASSES ON 4/3, 4/4 and 4/5!


World Champion Taekwondo State Championship event will take place on Saturday, May 5 at the NYA Sports & Fitness in Newtown. More information to come...


2nd, 3rd and 4th degree black belt testing will take place on Saturday, May 18th. Time and place to be determined




North Haven World Champion Taekwondo

344 Washington Ave
North Haven, CT 06473