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Learning Taekwondo has countless mental and physical benefits for children. Here are a few principles that we strongly believe in and encourage inside and outside of our school: Taekwondo is a sport, and each of its many aspects can have a positive impact on a child’s mind, body, school and home life, as well as on their growth and development.

  • Body: Taekwondo promotes physical health and fitness in children. Taekwondo is a sport, and our classes are are filled with activities like running, strength training, balance and coordination exercises. We encourage healthy living and eating.
  • Mind: Taekwondo is not just a physical sport, but it also trains for a strong mind. We teach our students to focus in class and listen to their instructor. We require students to memorize coordinated forms that vary at each belt level. We teach them how to focus and assist them with practicing memorization which can enhance a child’s school performance, improve their grades, and have a positive impact on their overall behavior at home and at school.
  • Academics: We also strongly encourage academics, reading, and doing homework. 
  • Courtesy & Respect: One of our principles is respect. Students will learn to respect themselves, their parents, their teachers, their siblings and their friends.
  • Integrity: We teach our students the importance of being honest and to work as a team. We encourage them to work together and help their friends and classmates. 
  • Self-Control: Students will learn to control their bodies and minds. We teach self-discipline that can improve behavior at school and at home.

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