Hello World Champion Taekwondo Students, Parents and Families!
We have made a few changes to the studio and how we are operating in response to the state of Connecticut's guideline for Phase 2 re-opening protocols:
1. We have reconfigured the spacings within the studio to have the students and instructors 8 feet away from each other for proper social distancing.
2. We will be taking students' temperatures prior to entering the studio. NO EXCEPTIONS!
3. We are requiring all students and instructors to wear protective masks during classes. NO EXCEPTIONS!
4. We have hand sanitizers throughout the studio and will require the students and instructors to apply sanitizer to their hands before classes.
5. We will be wiping down all hitting targets and kicking bags after every class along with thoroughly cleaning the studio at the end of each night of classes.
6. There will be nobody allowed in the waiting area of the studio. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please wait or watch the class from the outside. Again, we are trying to promote social distancing and keeping people safe with this rule.
7. The maximum number of students allowed in the studio is 12. NO EXCEPTIONS! Based upon the responses we received from students and parents in regards to returning to the studio for live classes, we determined that the greatest number of returning students will be the advanced students (Black/Yellow and 1st Degree Black Belt) and the Junior/Adult group. 
We are doing our best to offer classes so that everyone gets an equal chance for instruction. PLEASE ATTEND THE CLASS YOU ARE SCHEDULED FOR, If you have a scheduling problem, PLEASE SEE MASTER LEE AND LET HIM KNOW OF YOUR SITUATION. DON'T JUST SHOW UP TO ANOTHER CLASS. IT MAY BE FILLED TO THE 12 PERSON CAPACITY.
8. We know that this new arrangement is different than what you were used to. It's different for us, too, but we're doing our best to give our students the instruction they deserve in a safe environment. Our students' safety is our top priority and we will appreciate everyone's cooperation as we operate in the "new" normal.